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Ms-7 Dec 2010

MS-7   Dec, 2010


1. (a) Define the Internet, Intranet and E-Commerce. Write a note on E-Commerce by citing the advantages of E-Commerce over conventional business.

(b) Write a detailed note on plug-and-play devices.

2. (a) What are the main types of software ? Write a detailed note on the advantages of open-source software ?

(b) Describe protocol suite briefly. You may include any five protocols in your answer.

3. (a) "There is a two way relationship between organization and information systems". Explain.

(b) Write a detailed note on data life cycle.

4. (a) What impact does the implementation of programmed decision-making have on the management system of an organisation ?

(b) "Every component of a computer such as software, hardware and network should be protected". Justify.

5. (a) How does Computerized Personnel Information System help in managing human resource more efficiently ?

(b) Computer are often refered to as "number crunchers". Elaborate the statement in the context of financial planning.

6. (a) Which of the design lays out the components of the system and their relationship to each other, as they would appear to user ?

(b) What do you understand by competitiveness of ICT ? Highlight the impact of ICT for the developing nations with respect to the economic activities.

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