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Ms-7 Dec 2009

MS-7   Dec, 2009


1(a) Briefly discuss the various components of a computer system.

(b) What are various types of computer ?

2(a) What are multi-tasking and time-sharing systems in computer ?

(b) Describe different generations of programming languages and their characteristics.

3. (a) Distinguish between data, information and knowledge.

(b) How does computerised personal information systems help in managing human resource more efficiently ?

4(a) Which form of organizational change requires business processes to be analysed, simplified and redesigned ?

(b) Which of the design lays out the components of the system and their relationship to each other, as they would appear to users ?

5(a) Explain the concept of programming language. Explain identifiers, constants, expressions and library functions.

(b) What do you understand by database management system ? Explain. Describe its components.

6. (a) Differentiate between DSS, MIS, and EIS with the help of suitable example.

(b) Write a detailed note on emerging trends in convergence of IT and consumer electronics.

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