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Ms-6 june 2010

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MS-6   june, 2010

MS-6 : Marketing for managers

1. a) With the help of suitable examples explain the implications of characteristics of services and how the marketing strategy can be focused to overcome these constraints ?

(b) What do you understand by the term 'Market Segmentation' ? How would you segment the market for toothpastes ?

2.(a) Using the steps in the marketing research process ? Describe how you would go about investigating the feasibility of a photocopying shop adjacent to a university campus ?

(b) How can product packaging be used in implementing sales promotion campaigns ? Explain giving suitable examples.

3. (a) Taking the example of any industrial product, explain the steps in the selling process.

(b) How is cyber marketing different from conventional marketing ? Explain with the help of examples.

4. Write short notes an any three of the following :

a) Product life cycle and Marketing Mix.

b) Family life cycle and its impact on buying behaviour.

c) Stages in New Product Development process.

d) Functions performed by wholesalers and Retailers.

(e) Motivating the sales personnel.

5. Study the case given below and answer the questions given at the end :


Fine Furnishings Limited is a small chain of distributors of good-quality office furniture, carpets, safes and filing cabinets. The company keeps in touch with advances made in the office furniture field worldwide and introduces those products which are in keeping with the needs of the market in terms of design, workmanship, value for money and technical specifications.

It is contended that furniture purchased is a capital investment, and a wise decision can help the buyer save on future expenses, because cheaper alternatives have to be replaced more frequently.

Fine Furnishings trades only in good-quality furniture which is sturdily constructed. Differences between its products and cheaper , lower quality ones are well known to those who have several years of experience in the business.

An important feature, the company feels is the availability of a complete list of components of the furniture system. This enables customers to add bits and pieces of matching design and colour in the future. Such components are available for sale separately. Systems are maintained in stock by the company for a number of years, and spare parts for chairs and other furniture are always available.

The company has experienced a downturn in trade over the past two years. In addition, it had to trim its profit margins. Last year, it barely broke even and this year it is heading for a small loss for the first time in the company's twenty years history.

Questions :

a) Advise the company in relation to its product mix. How will your recommendation affect the company's image ?

b) Advise the company in relation to its stock holding policy. How will your recommendations affect customer service ?

(c) Suggest ways in which promotional activity might help the company out of the difficulties it now faces.

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