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Ms-57 December, 2011 Maintenance Management

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December, 2011

Ms-57 : Maintenance Management

1. (a)  Discuss briefly the various techniques for condition based maintenance.

(b)  What are the objectives of Total Productive Maintenance ? Discuss the significance of Age-specific failure rate.

2. (a)  Explain the importance of maintenance audit. Describe the salient features to be covered in a maintenance audit report.

(b)   Describe  the process through which a shutdown programme has to be established. Give an example from thermal power plant.

3. (a)  What is Reliability ? How Redundancy is related to reliability ? Explain how component redundancy yields higher reliability than unit redundancy. For a general case of n-component series system, prove that is true.

(b)  Discuss the relationship between emerging technology, maintenance management and TQM.

4.  (a)  What are the aims and activities of maintenance ?

(b) What are major components of safety and environmental issues of an enterprise ? Differentiate between investigation of incidents and audits.

5. (a)  Discuss the processes in details for maintenance planning and scheduling.

(b) Elaborate your understanding regarding the importance and processes for maintenance costing and budgeting.

6. Write short notes on  any Three  of the following.

(a) Terotechnology

(b) Reliability Centered Maintenance.

(c) Maintenance Organisation

(d) Process Capability

(e) Spare Parts Inventory. 

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