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Ms-7 june 2010

MS-7   june, 2010



1(a) What are operating systems ? Describe the functions of operating system.

(b) Describe the Open Systems Interconnection Reference model (OSI model). Briefly

discuss its seven layers.

2(a) Explain the modified Leavitt's model of an organisation as a socio - technical


(b) Discuss the role of MIS at various management levels. Make a comparative table

to substantiate your claim.

3(a) Describe how IT facilitates recruiting, training and personnel development.

(b) Define "Integrated software applications". How these applications have

transformed the way business is done ?

4(a) Is outsourcing information systems a better proposition in most of the situations ? Discuss some advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

(b) Discuss the three major areas of feasibility, which are addressed in system analysis ?

5. (a) What is metadata ? Describe the types of metadata and some uses of metadata for IT professionals.

(b) Define Artificial Intelligence (AI). Give some examples of application of AI in business.

6. Write short notes on any four of the following :

a) Open Source Software

b) Stealth and Polymorphic Viruses

(c) MRP II

d) Information Systems and TQM

e) Genetic Algorithms

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