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Ms-54 June, 2011 Management of Information Systems

June, 2011

MS-54 : Management of Information Systems

1.  (a) Distinguish between structured and unstructured decisions. Give example from automobile and hotel industry.

(b) Explain the process of evaluation of management information system

2.  (a) Elaborate your understanding about the concept of information resource assessment.

(b) Explain the concept of systems. What is systems analysis and why it is so important for information systems design ?

3.  (a) Briefly discuss the various system development life cycle.

(b) Explain what is system software and its significance in on - line system design.

4.  (a) Discuss the precautions necessary during implementation phase of development of

MIS. Also suggests appropriate measures for security of data.

(b) Explain expert systems. How do they help in decision making ? Give examples.

5.  (a) Explain the various kinds of network topologies.

(b) Discuss the features of RDBMS. How it can help in managerial decision making ?

6.  (a) Explain various types of computer viruses. What measures should be taken to protect the system from viruses.

(b) Elaborate your understanding about the social dimensions of computerization. 

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