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Ms-23 Question bank

Ms-23 Question bank (11)

Ms-23 Question bank


June 2013




1. Describe the various forecasting techniques. What are the issues that affect demand forecasting ? Give examples.

 2. Define Job Analysis and identify the steps involved in it. Briefly discuss the methods of collecting information for a job analysis.

 3. What is recruitment ? Briefly discuss the methods and techniques of recruitment. Compare the advantages of recruiting from internal sources and external sources.

 4. Explain HR audit, Identify its need and scope in the organisational context. Enumerate and briefly discuss the steps involved in HR audit .

 5. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Career Planning

(b) Trends in labour demand

(c) Induction Training

(d) Potential Appraisal

(e) Competency Mapping




6. Read the case given below and answer the questions given at the end of the case :

 When Adite Technologies Ltd. (ATL) moved one of their divisions to Bangalore, the branch manager in Mumbai decided to transfer those employees who did not wish to go to Bangalore to other local divisions. Ten of the thirty chose to stay and be transferred to another division. Madhuri was one of those. She was assigned to the computer moving - head division.

 When Madhuri reported to the new job, Narendar Kumar, her new supervisor, told her he did not know whether or not he would have a permanent position for her. For three days Madhuri sat and watched other employees at their work. On Friday, Narendar announced that their division had received another big contract and he would brief Madhuri on her new assignment on Monday.

 Madhuri arrived at 9.00 a.m. Monday morning and waited anxiously to learn about her new job. Narendar did not arrive until 10.30. He was being briefed on the new contract, he said, and would not be able to meet Madhuri before lunch. At 1.30 p.m. Narendar returned to show Madhuri the operation, "we are reworking model 10-D and it only requires changing two spot welds. With this jig, you can turn one out in about three to five minutes." Narendar added, "By the way, you will be the quality control supervisor on this job. Just double check these six spots on the blueprint." He did not write on the blue prints or mark areas in any way. Madhuri was given no idea how important the checks might be.

"Please - watch me," said Narendar to Madhuri, taking up the welding torch. "Any one can do it easily," He repeated the operation five or six times. Madhuri tried it and experienced no difficulty. Neither of them checked their reworked pieces with the blue print to see if they would pass the quality control check and as a result, Madhuri never checked any pieces after that demonstration. Narendar did not see Madhuri again until Friday.

 During the week several things happened. More than half the motors did not work correctly by the time they reached the final assembly. It could not be determined whether the faulty motors were the result of Madhuri's work or the result of a lack of quality checks. A box of 20 parts had been approved by Madhuri since her initials were on the inspection card, but she had not made the necessary alterations. That was when Narendar found time to talk to Madhuri again.

 Questions :

(a) Identify the issues inherent in this case.

(b) What incidents showed that Narendar was not performing a good job as a trainer ?

(c) If you were Narendar, what would you have done to improve Madhuri's performance ?


MS-23    june-2007


1. Describe  the  transformational  process  as  a  result  of  social, economic,  organisational,  and  technological  changes  at the work  place. Discuss  the  contemporary  trends in  demand and supply  of  labour,  with suitable  examples

2.  Discuss  the  significance  of  dislocation  and  the  problems associated  with  it.  What  are  the  solutions  to  deal  with dislocated  employees  ? Discuss  with examples.

3.  Discuss  various  objectives  of Performance  Appraisal.  Briefly describe  various  methods  of  Performance  Appraisal.

4.  Discuss  the  rationale  and objectives  of  orientation.  What are the  essential  contents  of  orientation, and  how  is  it evaluated  ? Explain  with suitable  examples.

5.  Write short  notes  an any  three of  the following  :

(i)  Cost  Approach to  Human Resource  Accounting

(ii)  Demand  Forecasting

(iii)  Competency  Mapping

(iv)  Executive  Search

(v)  Career  Planning

MS-23    june-2008


1. Explain  the  role  of  Human  Resource  Inventory  in  Supply Management  and  briefly  describe  the  factors  affecting internal  employees.

2.  Define  and  describe  the  approaches  to  competency mapping.

3. Describe any  two  selection  tests  and  their  advantages  and disadvantages.  Briefly discuss  the  comprehensive  employee retention  programmes.

4.  Define and describe  the  concept of  lT-supported  HRIS  and ways to  improve  its effectiveness.

5.  Write  short  notes on  any  three  of  the  following  :

(a)  Career planning

(b)  Job  analysis

(c)  Human  Resource  Audit

(d)  Importance  of  orientation

(e)  Dislocation of  employees

5.  Read  the case  given  below  and  answer  the  questions  given at  the  end.

When Adite Technologies  Ltd. (ATL)  moved  one of their  divisions  to  Bangalore,  the  branch  manager in Mumbai  decided  to  transfer  those  employees  who did not wish to  go  to  Bangalore  to  other local  divisions.  Ten  of the  thirty  chose  to  stay and  be  transferred to  another division.  Madhuri  was  one of  those.  She  was  assigned  to the computer  moving-head  division. When  Madhuri reported  to  the  new job,  Narendar

Kumar, her  new  supervisor,  told  her  he  did  not  know whether  or  not  he would have  a  permanent  position  for her.  For  three  days  Madhuri sat  and  watched other employees  at their  work. On Friday,  Narendar  announced that  their division  had received  another  big contract  and he  would  brief  Madhuri  on  her  new  assignment  on Monday. Madhuri  arrived  at  9.00  a.m. Monday  morning  and waited  anxiously  to learn  about  her new  job.  Narendar  did not arrive  until 10.30. He was  being  briefed  on the new contract,  he said,  and  would  not be  able  to  meet  Madhuri before  lunch.  At  1.30  p.m.  Narendar  returned  to  show Madhuri the  operation,  "we  are  reworking  model 10-D and  it only  requires  changing  two spot  welds.  With this  jig, you  can  turn  one  out  in  about three to  five  minutes.  " Narendar  added,  "By  the  way,  you  will  be  the  quality control  supervisor  on this  job.  Just  double  check  these  six spots on  the  blueprint.  "  He  did  not  write  on  the  blue prints  or  mark  the  areas in  any  way.  Madhuri  was given  no  idea how  important  the  checks  might be. "Please-watch  me,"  said  Narendar  to  Madhuri,  taking up  the  welding torch.  "Any  one  can  do  it  easily.   He repeated the  operation  five  or  six tin-res.  Madhuri  tried  it and  experienced no  difficulty.  Neither  of  them  checked their  reworked  pieces with  the  blue  print  to  see  if  they would  pass  the  quality  control  check  and  as  a  result, Madhuri  never  checked  any  pieces  after  that demonstration. Narendar did  not  see Madhuri  again until Friday. During  the week several  things happened. More  than half  the  mctors  did  not  work  correctly by  the  time  they reached  the  final  assembly.  It  couid  not  be  determined whether  the  faulty  motors  were  the  result  of  Madhuri's work  or  the  result of  a  lack  of  quality checks. A  box  of 20  parts had  been approved by  Madhuri since  her  initials were  on  the  inspection  card,  but  she  had  not  made  the necessary  alterations.  That was when Narendar found time to  talk  to  Madhuri again.

Questfons  :

(a)  What  incidents  showed  that  Narendar  was  not performing a good job  as  a trainer ?

(b)  How  do  you  think  Madhuri feels  about Narendar and about her new  job  ?

(c)  If  you  were Narendar,  what would you  have done to improve  Madhuri's performance ?

(d)  Would  a  mentor  have  helped the  situation ?  How  ? whv  ?

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