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Ms-6 june 2008

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MS-6   june, 2008

MS-6 : Marketing for managers

1. (a) Distinguish Product Marketing and Services Marketing, giving suitable examples

(b) A company desires to enter the packaged fruit juice market. Discuss the Market Research process to be followed to study the consumer attitude towards the packaged fruit juices.

2. (a) Discuss the stages in New Product Development process, giving suitable examples.

(b) Distinguish cyber marketing from conventional marketing. What are the limitations of Cyber marketing ?

3.(a) What is Sales Promotion ? Discuss the methods of Consumer Sales Promotion, with suitable examples.

(b) Discuss the importance of Branding for marketers. Taking potato chips as a product, suggest a suitable brand name for the same. Give reasons for your choice.

4.Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Importance of channels of distribution

(b) Advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing over advertising

c)   Product Life Cycle concept

d) Importance of marketing in a developing economy

e) Family Life Cycle concept


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