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Ms-94 December, 2009 Technology Management

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December, 2009

Ms-94 : Technology Management

1 (a) Define Technology and explain the process of effective Technology Management, bringing out clearly the steps involved in the process.

(b) Discuss the role of technology in the production process using the isoquant approach.

2.(a) "It is important to link technology strategy with business strategy." Why ? Explain and discuss how this linkage can be brought about.

(b) What factors should the licensor of technology look for while transferring his technology to the potential licensee ?

3.(a) "Improving the linkage between R & D and marketing is very much related to successful technology diffusion." Explain.

(b) Why is Technology Evaluation important ? What factors in general would a firm take into account in evaluating a technology before it acquires it ?

4 (a) Briefly explain international S & T Cooperation Programmes in India. How far, you think, they have been effective in strengthening national technological capabilities ?

(b) Differentiate between technological self-reliance and technological self-sufficiency. What should India presently aim at ?

5. Explain some of the techniques of Growth Curves as methods of technology forecasting. What are the merits and demerits of growth curves ?

6.(a) Discuss some useful activities of the industry associations or their agencies for the promotion of technology in India.

(b) Discuss the salient features of S & T policies of Japan.

7. Write notes on any four of the following :

(a) R & D expenditure in India

(b) Developing and training of human resources for promoting technological capabilities

(c) Technology missions

(d) Technology Business Incubators (TBIs)

(e) Institutional support for technology financing

(f) National Informatics Centre (NIC)

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