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Ms-68 December, 2011 Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising

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December, 2011

Ms-68 : Management  of Marketing Communication and Advertising



1.(a) Discuss the concept of Integrated Marketing Communication as a tool for market development strategies.

(b) What is media buying ? How would an advertiser know his return on media investment ?

2(a) "Advertising research can provide guidance, but cannot guarantee success". Substantiate.

(b) What creative considerations would you recommend while planning for an advertising campaign of a recently improved product of your choice ? Make suitable assumptions if necessary.

3. (a) Sales promotions are conceived with a purpose. Discuss the different types of sales

promotions methods that firms can pursue for increased sales, giving suitable examples.

(b) Outline the reasons for the growth of Internet as a preferred advertising medium by advertisers worldwide. What are its major benefits and limitations for sellers and buyers ?

4. Write short notes on  any three  of the following :

(a) Sources of misunderstanding in communication

(b) Techniques of determining promotion budget

(c) Measuring the performance of sales promotion

(d) Social marketing communication

(e) Major functions of advertising agency


5. What do you understand by the term 'promotion mix' ? Suggest suitable promotion mix for the following :

(a) Vacuum cleaner

(b) Car rental services

(c) CNG kits for passenger cars 

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