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MS-3 – June-2008

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MS-3 – June-2008


1. Discuss the salient features of the New Economic Policy and the initiatives taken by the government for economic restnrcturing.

2. Describe the institutional framework for Small Scale Industry (SSI) which emerged over the period.

3. (a) Discuss the salient features of the Gandhian Model of Development and its relevance in the current context.

(b) "The overall performance of public sector enterprises (PSEs) has been poor."

Do you agree with the above statement ? why ? Why not ? Give reasons.

4. Describe the various kinds of external debt. Critically evaluate the growing debt servicing burden of India and the challenges associated with increasing debt burden

5. Critically examine the recommendations of the Narasimhan Committee"

6. Give your comments on the following statements :

(a) Effective opposition is as important as a dedicated govemment to protect, promote, regulate business in the best interest of society.

(b) Industrial sickness is essentially a managerial failure.

(c) The distinction between Capitalism and Communism has become thin.

(d) The remarkable upsurge in foreign investments and collaborations in the 90s is largely due to policy liberalisation.

(e) Economic reforms have failed to provide social security.

7. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a) The Environmental Movement

(b) Mixed Economic Framework

(c) Economic Reforms and Inflation

(d) Privatisation

(e) Social Responsibility of business

(f) Horizontal versus Vertical equity

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