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Ms-53 June, 2010 Production/Operations Management

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June, 2010

Ms-53 : Production/Operations Management

1(a) Why did JIT approach evolve in Japan and not in Western Countries ? Also compare the vendor relations before and after the installation of JIT approach.

(b) Compare and contrast 'Push' type of production system with 'Pull' type of production system and justify which one is better and in what environment ?

2.(a) Discuss the issues in materials management to be considered important by the management of any manufacturing organisation.

(b) Explain, in what ways independent demand inventories differ from dependent demand inventories.

3.(a) Outline the purpose of MRP and explain  how an MRP system can achieve these purposes.

(b) What is a manufacturing system ? How do we classify the process technology ?

4(a) Explain the complementary role of productivity and wastivity in efffective utilization of resources. Also explain the  environmental concern for Operations managers.

(b) Elaborate your understanding about ISO-9000 certification. Explain its importance for indian manufacturing industries.

5. (a) Discuss how time horizon of forecast is related to the level of decision in production and operations management area with the help of examples. Also explain the importance of considering a trade-off between cost of forecast and accuracy level.

(b) A plastic moulding die manufacturing firm intends to set up a unit for manufacturing dies. It is considering sites A, B and C for  this purpose. Cost data for the sites are given below :


Fixed Cost

Variable Cost













If the selling price is Rs. 300 per die and the annual demand is 3000, which site would you recommend ? At what volume of production would location A become viable ?

6. Write short note on any three of the following :

(a) Total Quality Management

(b) Group Technology and Cellular manufacturing.

(c) Total Productive Maintenance.

(d) Work Measurement.

(e) Computer in Operations Management.

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