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December, 2012 MCO-06 : Marketing Management 1.  (a) "Marketing involves satisfaction of consumer needs." Comment. (b) Outline the steps in marketing management process. 2.  Briefly explain various stages involved in the consumer buying decision process. 3.  "Marketing mix strategies should be different at different stages of a produ
June, 2013 MC0 - 06 : Marketing Management 1. What is marketing information system ? Explain the major components of marketing information system. 2. (a) State the requirements of an effective market segmentation. (b) "Marketers use a number of alternative bases for positioning their products". Explain these bases briefly. 3. Differentiate between
June, 2013 MC0 - 06 : Marketing Management 1. What is marketing information system ? Explain the major components of marketing information system. 2. (a) State the requirements of an effective market segmentation. (b) "Marketers use a number of alternative bases for positioning their products". Explain these bases briefly. 3. Differentiate between
December, 2012 MC0-04 : Business Environment 1.  "Economic conditions, economic policies and systems are important external factors that constitute the economic environment of a business." Explain this statement and give Indian illustrations to show interaction between economic and non-economic environment. 2.  Discuss the institutional f
June, 2013 MCO-04 : Business Environment 1. Explain briefly the critical elements of socio-cultural environment of business and their impact on business decision making. 2. Explain the salient features of companies (Amendment) Bill, 2003. 3. Distinguish between money market and capital market ; and discuss the importance of stock exchanges for (i)
December, 2012 MCO-03 : Research Methodology And Statistical Analysis 1. (a) What do you mean by a research problem ? Explain the sources of research problem and the points to be considered while formulating the Research Problem.             (b) Explain how to formulate objectives in the hight
June, 2013 MC0-03 : Research Methodology And Statistical Analysis 1. (a) What is a research problem ? In the light of research problem how are hypothesis framed ? Explain with examples. (b) What are the statistical techniques used to test the hypothesis ? Explain them briefly. 2. What are the various methods of collecting primary data ? Explain the
December, 2012 MCO-01 : Organisation Theory And Behaviour 1.  Do you think that the modern theory of  organisation considers the dynamic conditions at micro and macro levels ? Discuss and critically examine the modern theory of organisation. 2.  (a) Why do you study organisational behaviour? Substantiate your answer with suitable exa
June, 2013 MCO-01 : Organisation Theory and Behaviour 1. (a) Discuss the importance of Organisation.  (b) Critically examine the systems theory of Organisation. 2. (a) Explain the classical conditioning theory of learning. (b) How can you apply social learning theory for change of behaviour ? 3. What is stress ? Discuss consequences of stress
December, 2012 IBO-06 : International Business Finance 1.  What are the salient features of the present day International Monetary System ? Critically examine their suitability from the view point of developing countries. 2.  Discuss the concept of disequilibrium in balance of payments. What are the measures usually adopted to restore the
June, 2013 IBO-06 : International Business Finance 1. "Devaluation is the most effective remedy for correcting an adverse balance of payments position" Critically examine this statement . 2. Discuss the rationale of Regional financial institutions. Have they succeeded in achieving their objects ? Explain the working of any one of them. 3. What are
December, 2012 IB0-05 : International Marketing Logistics 1.  Define Marketing Logistics and state its objectives. Also identify the recent developments in international logistics. 2.  (a) Why is inland water transport rarely used for movement of export-import cargo in  India ? How can the situation be improved ? (b) Explain the perp
June, 2013 IBO-05 : International Marketing Logistics 1. (a) What are the main activities involved in marketing logistics ? Explain them briefly. (b) "Various developments in international logistics impacting both demand and supply sides have spurred the emergence of logistics as an important plank of corporate strategy". Discuss. 2. Describe brief
December, 2012 IB0-04 : Procedures And Documentation PART-A Comment on any four  of the following statements.  1.  (a) Documentary credit reconciles the conflicting interest of buyers and sellers in a contract. (b)  the objective of export assistance is to neuteralise the incidence of internal taxes and import content of the exp
June, 2013 IB0-04 : Export - Import Procedures and Documentation 1. What is the legal framework in terms of major acts governing foreign trade of India ? Discuss macro general provisions related to exports under the foreign trade policy. 2. What do you mean by Electronic Data Interchange ? How can you develop an EDI plan for your organisation ? Dis
December, 2012 IB0-03 : India 's Foreign Trade 1.  (a) Highlight major problems of India 's Export Sector. (b) On what grounds is the strategy of export- led growth held justified for India ? Give reason in support of your answer. 2(a)  Distinguish between balance of trade and balance of payment. (b)  Discuss the role of Invisibles i
June, 2013 IB0-03 : India 's Foreign Trade 1. Explain the concept of 'balance of payments' and the causes for its being adverse in India . Also state the two policy measures recently adopted for its improvement in India . 2. What are the two principal objectives of EXIM policy 2004-09 ? Explain its major provisions relating to exports. 3. "Garments
June, 2013 BLS-02 : Library Management 1.1 State the important managerial functions and discuss their significance in effective management of libraries. OR 1.2 "Every library needs space for all types of documents, users and staffs." Discuss the statement relating to common service areas in a public library. 2.1 Discuss briefly the significance of
December, 2012 IB0-02 : International Marketing Management PART-A 1.  Write short notes on  any two of the following : (a)  Essentials of effective segmentation of international markets. (b)  International Product life cycle. (c)  Transfer pricing. (d)  Piggy backings in international distribution. 2.  Distinguish
June, 2013 IBO-02 : International Marketing Management PART-A 1. Write short notes on any two of the following : (a) International Marketing Orientation - EPRG approach. (b) International Product life cycle. (c) Importance of research in International Marketing. (d) International Marketing Control. 2. Distinguish between any two of the following :&
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