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June, 2010 Ms-63 : Product Management SECTION – A 1. (a) Explain the terms 'convenience products' and 'speciality products' giving suitable examples. Briefly compare a producer's marketing - mix for a convenience product with those for a speciality product. (b) Explain the BCG Matrix and discuss its strategic implications. 2. (a) Briefly explain th
June, 2011 Ms- 63 : Product Management SECTION – A 1.  (a)   Briefly explain the concept of Product. Life Cycle (PLC). Do all products go through the classical belt shaped PLC ? Discuss giving suitable examples. (b) What, in your view, is the PLC stage in respect of the following products in Indian market ? Based on your answer, sugg
December, 2011 Ms-63  :  Product Management SECTION  -  A 1.  (a)  Explain the term 'product line', giving suitable examples. Discuss the factors that make companies pursue product line extensions. (b)  Taking a fast moving consumer good of your choice, discuss the distribution and promotion strategies that you wo
December 2012 Ms-63 : Product Management SECTION-A 1.  (a)  Discuss the various pricing methods available to marketers to price the products giving suitable examples. (b)  What Pricing strategy would you recommend to introduce a range of fruit juices in the market for a firm having twin objectives of creating mass awareness and sales
June, 2013 Ms -63 : Product Management SECTION-A 1. Distinguish between the following giving suitable examples : (a) Convenience and shopping products (b) Product Line and Product Mix (c) Tangible specifications and Augmented features of a product (d) Skimming Pricing and Penetration Pricing 2. (a) How would marketing strategies vary across differe
December, 2009 Ms-62 : Sales Management SECTION – A 1(a) Explain the interdependence of sales and distribution management in an FMCG company. (b) Explain the various steps involved in personal selling process taking the example of diesel generating sets for industrial applications. 2(a) Explain the importance of non – verbal communication in sellin
June, 2010 Ms-62 : Sales Management SECTION – A 1(a) Explain the key decision areas in the sales management which are particularly relevant to strategy formulation. (b) Explain the importance of oral and non - verbal communication in an attempt to convert a suspect into a prospect. 2(a) What is the advise to firms which generally adopt a policy of
June, 2011 Ms-62 : Sales Management SECTION – A 1.  (a) What are the situations conducive for personal selling ? Explain using suitable examples. (b) How would the Sales Process differ in the following situation ? (i)  A private sector bank representative selling services to the Senior Manager of an MNC. (ii)  A Sales executive selli
December, 2011 Ms-62 : Sales Management SECTION – A 1. (a)  Discuss the qualities of a good salesperson citing suitable examples. Explain how would you convert a suspect into a prospect ? (b)  Explain the stages involved in the  execution of a sales order. 2. Why are sales territories required ? Discuss the various stages to Scientif
December 2012 Ms-62 : Sales Management SECTION-A 1.  Briefly explain the personal selling process. Discuss the importance of 'Sales Resistance' in the selling process. How do sales persons cope up with the same ? Support your answer by citing example of a consumer durable good. 2.  Define negotiation. Explain the steps involved in the neg
December, 2009 Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation 1(a) How does one identify a business strategy that is appropriate to your competencies ? How do you ensure that competitive advantage can be obtained through technological innovation ? (b) Discuss the linkage between R&D, innovation and economic development. What have the experiences
June, 2010 Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation 1(a) Discuss the various measures for determining the benefits of technological innovation. (b) What is R & D ? Briefly explain the various facets of R & D. 2.(a) Elaborate your understanding about market oriented product development method. Compare it with the traditional method. (b)
June, 2011 Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation 1.  (a) What is the interaction between science, technology and business ? How do these interactions affect industrial growth ? Discuss with suitable examples. (b) Critically examine the role of market research in product development. Discuss the pros and cons of market research based R&a
December, 2011 Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation 1. (a)  What are the factors which impinge heavily on the growth and quality of life in India ? What is the Japanese model of technology and technological innovation ? (b)  Elaborate your understanding about major issues related to the nature of technological change. 2. (a) 
December, 2012 Ms-58 : Management Of R&D And Innovation 1.  (a)  How does one identify a business strategy that is appropriate to your competancies ? How do you ensure that competitive advantage can be assured through technological innovation ? (b)  Elaborate your understanding about Dual Role of R&D with the help of an examp
June, 2013 Ms-58 : Management Of R&D and Innovation 1. (a) "Business is a fluid, dynamic living thing, sometimes building to great things, sometimes failing to crumpled lumps". Discuss the above fact keeping in mind technology and corporate growth. (b) Distinguish between Basic and Applied Research with at least one practical example. OR Distin
June, 2010 Ms-57 : Maintenance Management 1. What are the life cycle cost components for any plant ? How can maintenance affect the life cycle profits of any equipment and plant ? 2. What are the important components of a maintenance organization ? Name the key issues affecting the maintenance organization structure. 3. Briefly describe the concept
December, 2011 Ms-57 : Maintenance Management 1. (a)  Discuss briefly the various techniques for condition based maintenance. (b)  What are the objectives of Total Productive Maintenance ? Discuss the significance of Age-specific failure rate. 2. (a)  Explain the importance of maintenance audit. Describe the salient features to be co
December, 2012 Ms-57 : Maintenance Management 1.  (a)  What are the Life cycle cost components for any plant? How maintenance can affect the life cycle profits of any equipment and plant? (b)  Discuss the various functions and objectives of maintenance. 2.  (a)   Discuss the basic principles of maintenance planning and
June, 2013 Ms-57 : Maintenance Management 1. (a) Explain the Life Cycle Cost and its components for any plant. Identify the factors affecting Life Cycle Profits of any industrial plant. (b) What is preventive maintenance ? Explain different preventive maintenance tasks. How is total maintenance cost affected by the level of preventive maintenance.
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