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December, 2012 Ms-68 : Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising SECTION – A 1.  (a)  Explain the various sources of misunderstanding that may thwart the process of marketing communication, giving suitable examples. (b)  In what ways the advertisers make use of consumer learning concepts ? 2.  (a)  Your organiza
June, 2013 MS-68: Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising SECTION – A 1. (a) Explain some of the important learning theory concepts of relevance to advertisers. (b) Discuss the Ethical Issues in Advertising giving suitable examples. 2. (a) Why would you prefer using radio when the average urban Indian spends comparatively greater time
December, 2009 Ms-66 : Marketing Research SECTION A 1. (a) What are the different ways of classification of Data ? Explain. (b) Illustrate the different methods of graphical presentation of data. 2. A company wants to sell books and accessories for Yoga. Design a questionnaire to profile the potential customers for such products. 3. How is the samp
June, 2010 Ms-66 : Marketing Research SECTION – A 1 (a) Explain briefly the basis of classification of various types of research design available to the researcher. (b) Identify the major problems in conducting Marketing Research in India . Suggest possible solutions to overcome these problems. 2. (a) What are the various kinds of probability sampl
June, 2011 Ms-66 : Marketing Research SECTION – A 1.  Discuss the situations under which Factor Analysis can be used ? List the steps involved in using Factor Analysis. 2.  What are the different Probability Sampling methods ? Explain with the help of examples. 3.  Describe the precautions that should be taken while conducting market
December, 2011 Ms-66 : Marketing Research SECTION – A 1. (a) Discuss the relevance and the scope for conducting Marketing Research in the current competitive scenario. (b) Why it is necessary for marketers to estimate the value and cost of information before conducting research ? Elaborate. 2. (a) What type of research objectives and information ne
December, 2012 Ms-66 : Marketing Research SECTION-A 1. For each of the following situations, indicate the most appropriate Research Design, giving reasons. (a)  A Brand Manager wishes to have a better understanding of the image of his/her brand. (b)  An environmental group decides to conduct an experiment to measure the impact of a public
June, 2013 Ms-66 : Marketing Research SECTION-A 1. (a) Explain the various stages involved in Marketing Research Process. (b) What is a Research Design ? Explain in brief the different types of Research Designs. 2. (a) What are the steps involved in a sampling process ? Explain. (b) What sampling technique would you suggest for each of the followin
December, 2009 Ms-65 : Marketing of Services SECTION – A 1. (a) What is so distinctive about services marketing that it requires a special approach and body of knowledge ? (b) "Growth in services is at the expense of manufacturing sector of the economy." Do you agree with the statement ? Justify  your answer. 2(a) Explain why services tend to
June, 2010 Ms-65 : Marketing of Services SECTION – A 1(a) What is so distinctive about services marketing that it requires a special approach, set of concepts and body of knowledge ? (b) Give examples of services that are high in credence qualities. How do high credence qualities affect consumer behaviour for these services ? 2(a) Taking the exampl
June, 2011 Ms-65 : Marketing of Services SECTION – A 1.  (a) How is information search behaviour different in case of services as compared to goods ? Explain with the help of suitable examples. (b) Discuss the importance of physical evidence for the following : (i)  Banks (ii)  Educational institutes 2.  (a) What are the benefit
December, 2011 Ms-65 : Marketing of Services SECTION – A 1. (a) Differentiate between the following giving suitable examples : (i) Search, experience and credence qualities. (ii) Core, facilitating and supporting services. (b) What is the significance of non-monetary costs in pricing decision for services ? Discuss taking the example of health care
December, 2012 Ms-65 : Marketing of Services SECTION – A 1.  (a)  With the help of suitable examples, explain the concept of 'Services Marketing Triangle'. (b)  Explain the four modes of service delivery in international trade of services, giving examples of each. 2.  (a)  Identify a particular service organisation for whic
June, 2013 Ms-65 : Marketing of Services SECTION - A 1. (a) Discuss 'Inseparability' and 'Perishability' as characteristics of services. Also describe their marketing implications for a hospital. (b) What are the additional three 'Ps' of service Marketing Mix ? Discuss each . Also discuss the relevance of 'Services Marketing Triangle' for a consult
June, 2010 Ms-64 : International Marketing SECTION – A 1(a) Why has there been such an increase in interest by business firms in international marketing ? Will this continue to increase ? Why, or why not ? (b) What is the basic objective of setting up of Export Promotion Councils ? Explain their major functions. 2(a) Explain the meaning of the foll
June, 2011 Ms- 64 : International Marketing SECTION – A 1.  (a) What are the reasons for a firm entering into international markets ? Discuss giving suitable examples. (b) In the context of international marketing, do you think that the political risk would be country specific or firm specific or both ? Elaborate. 2.  (a) Explain the modu
December, 2011 Ms-64 : International Marketing SECTION  -  A 1. (a) Describe the differences between ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric, and geocentric orientations. How do these orientations affect international marketing practices ? (b) Differentiate between various types of Regional Economic Groupings giving suitable examples. 2.
December 2012 Ms-64 : International Marketing SECTION-A 1.  Differentiate between the following: (a)  Ethnocentric and Geocentric Orientations. (b)  Customs Union and Common Market. (c)  Commercial Invoice and Proforma Invoice. (d)  Domestic Planning and International Planning. 2.  (a)  Enumerate the elements that
June, 2013 Ms - 64 : International Marketing SECTION-A 1. (a) What are the economic and non - economic reasons that a firm considers for entering International Markets ? Explain. (b) What are the different forms of Regional Economic Groupings for trade cooperation ? Give examples to illustrate your answer. 2. Discuss in brief the conceptual framewo
December, 2009 Ms-63 : Product Management   SECTION – A 1. Distinguish between the following giving suitable examples : (a) Shopping and Speciality goods (b) Product Line and Product Mix (c) Product Positioning and Product Differentiation. (d) Market Potential and Market demand. 2. (a) Comment upon the significance of branding for consumer pro
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