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Ms-54 December, 2012 Management Of Information Systems

December, 2012

Ms-54 : Management Of Information Systems

1.  (a)  Discuss SIMON'S decision making model and also the information requirements for different stages of decision making.

(b)  Elaborate your understanding about the following terms :

(i)  Internal Information.

(ii)  External Information.

(iii)  Organisational functional subsystems.

(iv)  Activity subsystems.

2.  (a)  Write a short essay on strategic planning for MIS. Explain the role of top management in this planning.

(b)  Define systems and Systems Analysis. Explain the importance of systems analysis in designing the information systems.

3.  (a)  Explain in details the process and factors involved in designing On-Line System analysis.

(b)  Trace the evolution of data modelling concepts with examples.

4.  (a)  What are multiplexers and concentrators ? Explain.

(b)  Explain the various kinds of network topologies.

5.  (a)  Elaborate your understanding about the Taxonomy of Data Structures.

(b)  Write a short note on Relational Data base management system.

6.  (a)  Explain the concept of database in distributed processing environment and also through some lights on emerging standards of DBMS.

(b)  Discuss the various issues related to the legal aspects of use of computers.

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