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Ms-5 june 2011

MS-5   june-2011


1. (a) How is value added to any entity using operations function ? Explain the conceptual model of a 'Operations System'.

(b) Discuss life cycle approach in Operations Management. Use examples to elaborate.

2. (a) What is Product Design ? How does it influence the Process Design ? Explain with examples.

(b) What type of layout would you suggest in designing a big hospital ? Discuss.

3. (a) How is computerized layout planning is done ? Discuss its benefits and different

softwares used for this purpose.

(b) Define capacity. Explain the process used for capacity planning. Take example of any organization of your choice.

4. (a) Why is material handling important ? Discuss its classification.

(b) What are common classification systems of materials ? Explain importance of

codification and standardization of materials.

5. (a) What are different forms used by purchase department ? Discuss different criteria

employed for evaluating purchasing system.

(b) Discuss importance of Value Engineering. Also list its various phases.

6. (a) What is acceptance sampling ? Explain different types of sampling plans. Explain

Operating Characteristic Curve.

(b) Why are control charts used ? Discuss mean and R type of control chart. Give its importance.

7. (a) Where do we use work sampling ? Explain its step as used for standard time determination.

(b) Discuss ABC system of Inventory Control. Give its variants as used in Industry.

8. Write short notes on any two of the following

(a) Methods Study

(b) Programme Evaluation and Review Technique.

(c) Assembly line

(d) Planning and Control for job shop production

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