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Ms-5 Dec 2009

MS-5   Dec, 2009


1(a) Explain with the help of a suitable diagram the framework of organising and control in a production system.

(b) On the basis of material flow classify production systems and give examples for each type.

2(a) List down different phases of value engineering approach as used for a product design.

(b) What layout design procedure would you adopt to develop a layout for any small toy unit manufacturing plastic toys at the rate of 5000/day ? Discuss.

3.(a) Why is facility location important ? Discuss different factors important for locating any bread manufacturing unit. Make relevant assumptions.

(b) Describe the commonly used control charts for variables and attributes in SQC.

4(a) Discuss in brief various environmental factors taken into consideration for job design.

(b) Discuss objectives of maintenance management. List different types of maintenance system prevalent in manufacturing companies.

5. (a) Consider a situation of; production of a simple product with continuous demand.

The setup cost per batch of size Q is given. Unit variable cost of productions is also known. Derive the equation for optimum batch size. Assume and list major parameters.

(b) Why is mass production preferred over in some types of products with large volume ?

Explain the key elements of mass production with some examples.

6. (a) Explain the major scheduling rules for job shops as being practiced in industry.

(b) Draw CPM network for the following :

   Activates                                                                       Duration (days)

     1 - 2                                                                                    5

     1 - 3                                                                                   3

     1 - 4                                                                                   3

     2 - 3                                                                                    7

     4 - 5                                                                                    6

     3 - 4                                                                                    8

Determine Critical Path.

7. (a) Discuss ABC system of inventory management with examples.

(b) Explain the importance of store location and layout.

8. Write short note on any two of the following :

a) Productivity and waste

b) Value engineering

(c) Materials Requirement Planning

(d) Control charts for variables.

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