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Ms-46 December 2012 Management Of Financial Services

December, 2012

Ms-46 : Management Of Financial Services

1. Discuss in detail the risks affecting the business of fund based services. What are the strategies followed by them to manage these risks ?

2. Discuss in detail about the "Participants in Money Market" in India. Mention the names of instruments traded in this market.

3. What is factoring ? Explain the mechanism of factoring.

4. Discuss the role of Government Securities Market in Indian financial system.

5. Explain the Depository system and the terms

(a) Fungibility and

(b) depository participants in detail.

6. Explain in detail the process used for making an IPO of Equity shares of a company. Explain the term 'Book Building' in this regard.

7. Explain the process of Credit Rating. How does SEBI regulate credit rating agencies in India ?

8. What do you understand by securitisation of Assets ? Discuss its mechanism and the

advantages to the parties concerned. 

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