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Ms-3 Dec 2010

MS-3 – Dec-2010


1.  Define Economic Development. State a few indications of economic development in the Indian Context. Briefly discuss the major structural changes experienced by the Indian economy.

2.  Discuss the impact of population growth on per capita income and its growth in India.

3.  Explain the major structural changes in the Indian Industry since economic reforms were undertaken.

4.  Discuss the main features of post 1991 policies on development in India. Do you agree with the statement that while the policies succeeded on growth, they failed on equity?

5.  (a) Define market failure and government failure. What kind of consensus seems to be emerging with regard to the role of government in the current scenario ? How and Why ?

(b) Discuss the trends in India’s Foreign Trade over the last two decades.

6.  Comment on each of the following statements :

(a)  Regional disparities to be removed by encouraging balanced regional development.

(b)  India’s current account is fully convertible and capital account is partially convertible.

(c)  Foreign capital and technology will largely be beneficial to India’s industrialization and economic development.

(d)  The concept mixed economy is still relevant in India.

7.  Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a)  Cash Reserve Ration and Statutory Liquidity Ratio.

(b)  Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product.

(c)  Over the Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI)

(d)  Gandhian Model of Development.

(e)  Foreign Institutional Investment

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