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Ms-11 Dec 2008

MS-11   Dec, 2008



1.a) Strategy making requires personwith vision, while strategy implementation requires a person with administrative ability. Critically comment on the statement with respect to implementation of strategy.

(b) Explain the importance of evaluation and control in strategy making process.

2. Explain Critical Success Factors (CSF) and value chain framework as a guide to analyse a firm's strengths and weaknesses.

3.Focus is different from other business strategies'. Explain, how Focus Strategy is different from other business strategies giving examples.

4. Discuss the important issues involved in turnaround strategy. Support your answer with example.

5. a)   What do you understand by Strategic Control Process ?

(b) Briefly explain different methods of control.

6. Think of an organization, which is using a corporate growth strategy :

(i) Analyze as to how the organization's strategy has influenced its structure.

(ii) Looking at the present trends, is its current structure the optimal structure for this enterprise ? Discuss.

7. Select a company, which is well-known in the automobile sector. From your

understanding of the PESTLE framework, identify different opportunities and threats

for the following:

- political

- legal

- economical

-technological and

- social forces

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