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Ms-1 Dec 2008


  1. 'To effectively cope       with the demands       of diversifying and expanding responsibilities, as       a manager moves up in       the hierarchy of       the managerial positions, the       managerneeds to update his skills to do justice with       the changing roles in an organisational set       up. Elaborate this statement and       briefly discuss the underlying concepts       with examples.

2. Differentiate between individual and group Decision making. Briefly discuss how can the barriers to effective decision-making be overcome, explain with relevant examples.

3. What are the antecedents and the process of organisational change ? Briefly discuss with suitable examples.

4. What are the elements, Problems, and prerequisites of effective delegation, discuss with suitable examples.

5. Write short notes an any three of the following :

(a) Types of Power

(b) Characteristics of Effective work group

(c) Sources of conflict

(d) Types of leaders

(e) Integration of organisational tasks and activities

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