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Foundation Course in English B.A SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2016 (Code: FEG – 01)

Foundation Course in English B.A SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2016
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Foundation Course in English B.A SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2016 Foundation Course in English B.A SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2016 Foundation Course in English B.A SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2016


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Foundation Course in English – 1 (FEG-01)

 Assignment Course Code: FEG-01

Assignment Code: FEG-1/TMA/2016-17

Max. Marks: 100 Answer all the questions

1 Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

 James J. Lunch is author of The Broken Heart: The Medical Consequences of Loneliness and a leading specialist in psychosomatic medicine. He writes movingly about the dependence we all have on ‘dialogues of love’. These are the verbal and non-verbal exchanges that bring us close to other people, and close to a feeling of being understood and cherished by those people. When these dialogues are disrupted and eroded, significant increases in disease and death follow, with obvious social costs as well as great personal loss.

Keeping your capacity for loving dialogue alive demands a willingness to be generous, flexible and tolerant. “An individual can only receive to the extent that he gives,” Lunch points out, ‘and, in that sense, dialogue is a mirror of his personality.

When you engage with another person, whether this is at work, within a love relationship, with a member of your family of origin or a neighbour, you rarely explicitly promise to be generous. Yet the presence of generosity within that relationship (or dialogue), or its absence, can utterly determine the quality and longevity of the connection.

 Generosity usually involves listening and ‘tuning in’, rather than imposing, and a willingness to enter into the life of another human being as an honoured, respectful guest, not as an invader or coloniser. This can be most difficult of all between members of the same family where unconscious ‘debts’ may tangle with equally unconscious ‘requests’ that often emerge in ways destined to get you almost any result but the one you want.

1a What is a ‘Dialogues of love’?

1b Describe what happens when for some reason such a dialogue fails?

1c How are these dialogues of love kept alive?

1d What is the key factor which determines the quality and longevity of a relationship.

1e Why is maintaining generosity most difficult in a family relationship.

1f Pick out words from the text which mean the same as the following:

i unhappiness felt by somebody because they lack friends

ii the result of a situation

iii physical illness which occurs because the patient is worried or anxious

 iv prevented from proceeding easily

 v gradually destroyed

vi willing to change and adapt vii long existence of something

viii forcing one’s views on others

 ix enter by force

x difficult to unravel or smooth out

2 Supply question tags to the following sentences:

i She has got the highest mark, ………………?

 ii The boys have won the match, ………………?

iii Cricket is the most popular game, ………………?

iv The train wasn’t late, ………………?

 v She does not drive well, ………………?

3 Make wh questions corresponding to the italics parts in the following sentences (one example has been done for you).

Example: I kept the money in the box. Answer: Where did you keep the money?

 i She has two sisters.

 ii I go to bed by 11 o’clock.

iii History is my favourite subject.

iv She lives in Gurgaon.

v I got late because of the traffic jam

4.Rewrite the following sentences correctly:

i The box of chocolates are very expensive

ii Yesterday I had reached home very late.

iii If you had reached the station on time you would catch the train.

iv She is a genius, isn’t it?

 v I can’t cope with the stress of modern life.

5. Do as directed:

i The auditor submitted the report on time. (change into the passive voice)

 ii I am so tired that I can’t work any more. (rewrite using ‘too’)

 iii He has been working very hard to clear the entrance examination. (rewrite as a complex sentence using an adverbial clause)

iv The weather is wonderful. (rewrite as an exclamatory sentence)

v Rajni is the tallest of all. (rewrite using the comparative degree)

6.Fill in the blanks with an, an or the.

Meera is working in ……MNC as ……senior executive. She travels to office with …… colleague . ………office closes at 8 pm and she returns home late in ………evening.

7 Choose the correct answer:

i It has been a long time since I met your uncle, when you meet him, please ……………… him. (regard, give my regards to, regard me to)

 ii She tried to ………………a story when asked for the delay in coming home. (cook up, copy out, come about)

iii The police are……………… the person who was present at the scene of crime. (looking at, looking forward to, looking out for)

 iv My neighbour tends to ………………people, therefore he is disliked by all. (put up, put down, put on)

v I strongly advise you not to ………………such an attractive job offer. (turn down, turn over, turn away)

8 Write a composition in about 300 words on any one of the following.

i Impact of social media such as face book, twitter etc. on our social life.

ii English as an international language

 iii The bravest person I know

iv The importance of educating the girl child

9 Write a dialogue between you and your friend (in about 10 turns)

Discuss the rights of all animals to live with dignity and safety. You may talk about any animal, for instance how horses are often forced to pull carriages when too old and unwell or about the ill-treatment often meted out to street dogs.


 You notice that your friend has a habit of littering on the street. You want to politely tell her that such behaviour is unacceptable. You may also mention the swach bharat abhiyaan campaign

10 Mark the stress in the following words: 5 Special Specialist Lonely Loneliness Flexibl

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