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MS-1 Management Functions and Behaviour December2017 2. MS-2 Management of Human Resources December2017 3. MS-3 Economic and Social Environment December2017 4. MS-4 Accounting and Finance for Managers December2017 5. MS-5 Management of Machines and Materials December2017 6. MS-6 Marketing for Managers December2017 7. MS-6(s) Marketing For Managers December2017 8. MS-7 Information Systems for Managers December2017 9. MS-7(s) Information Systems for Managers December2017 10. MS-8 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications December2017 11. MS-9 Managerial Economics December2017 12. MS-10 Organizational Design, Development and Change December2017 13. MS-11 Strategic Management December2017
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