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The national Globe case study solution (Code: c62)

The national Globe case study solution
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The national Globe

The national Globe Company of Calcutta put in an advertisement in the situations vacant column of the
Statesman for a typist, and applications came in from al over the country. After screening the
applications, Ram Raj, 25 years old and a graduate of Bihar University, received an appointment letter
from the company. Ram Raj joined the company on I June, 1980. He was asked to report to the section
officer in charge of the typing section. Ram Raj was on probation for a period of six months. During the
first month, it was observed that Ram Raj did his work on time and intelligently. According, to one filling
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clerk, he grasped his work so quickly and easily that it made some of his colleagues green with envy.
Usually, after having finished his own assignments, he helped other people in the section. After about six
months when the probation period was over, the section officer noticed that Ram Raj started leaving his
room quite often. Having observed Ran Raj for about a week in his new habit, the section officer. Sexena,
called him in to his room.
Saxena: Ram Raj, I see you leaving your seat too often these days.
Ram Raj: When I finish my work, I go to the canteen to take my tea.
Saxena: It is against office discipline to get to the canteen during the working hours, you can go to the
canteen during the lunch interval.
Ram: you should be satisfied as long as I do my work. If my visit to the canteen interferes with my work,
then I will stop going out.
Saxena followed up his conversations by keeping Ram Raj under close observation. The section officer
started giving Raj more work than was due to him. One morning there was unpleasantness between Raj
and Saxena. Saxena had asked him to carry out a additional assignment.
Ram Raj: Ever since I started going to the canteen for tea, you have been wanting my blood. If I default in
my assignment, you have every right to pull me up.
Why for relating after every two hours? You are now giving me an assignment which is in addition to my
normal work. is it fair?
Saxena: you are exceeding your limits, Raj. In this office have to accept what I say. You have to carry out
my say. You have to carry out my instructions. You will have to do this assignment also or be prepared to
suffer the consequences.
Ram Raj: you are threatening me now! I know your motive. The motive is not to get work done.
It is to teach me a lesson.
Saxena: I warn you, your behavior is undesirableā€¦
Ram Raj: I know what you are driving at. I might as well as tell you it is not easy to dismiss me. Even if
you succeed in dismissing me, there is no dearth of jobs for a good typist.
Having said this, Ram raj walked out. Saxena. Reported this to the manager in charge of the section. The
manager called him and administered a strict warning.
Manager: Saxena has told me everything. You have to observe office discipline regardless of your
efficiency. And also avoid using strong language when talking to superiors.
Ram raj: yes Sirā€¦
Manager: Now Saxena has already told me everything. Try to mend your ways. That is all I want to tell
1. How do you tackle this type of situation as manager?
2. What leadership style of communication would you suggest in the following situation to deal the

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