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MR. MATHUR case study solution (Code: c6)

MR. MATHUR case study solution
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Mr. Mathur is the Director (Operations) of a large organisation and every year he obtains services of graduates with academic background of science. engineering and mathematics to work in his department. Those executives are engaged in systems work to monitor the operation of the organisation. Mr. Mathur had got Mr. Amin to move from technical department to his unit on transfer. Amin had put in ten years service in the organisation and satisfactorily picked up the systems programming functions of Mr. Mathur's department. After about a year Mr. Mathur secured the services of Mr. Ram on transfer from corporate office, who had distinguished himself as a computer specialist. Both Amin and Ram teamed up well and the activities of the department were at its best.

After some time Mr. Mathur's problem surfaced principally because Amincame to know the Ram's emoluments were higher than his, although he had worked for almost a decade, and had demonstrated good professional ability. Ram had put in only four years' service in the organisation and was also younger in age to Amin.

When Amin voiced his grievance he was told that the company had specific guidelines for pay fixation. Although Amin and Ram were in the same salary scale. Ram's emoluments were higher, since he received special pay because of higher professional qualifications. Mr. Mathur explained company policy to Amin, but it did not satisfy him. Amin was not pleased with the situation, particularly because in spite of the recent annual raise in his salary he was getting lesser amount and he would continue like this, unless he secures promotion.

Amin thought he was more experienced and able and had more knowledge about the operations of the company. His discontent was exhibited in his performance and the operations of the company suffered.

Please discuss the following issues :

1. What role does Law and equity play in this case?

2. Should company demand that individuals do not disclosed their salaries? Why or why not?

3. Comment on the salary/allowance policy.

4. As Director (Operations) how would you handle Amin?

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