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KMSR Ltd.l case study solution (Code: c32)

KMSR Ltd.l case study solution
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Story characters:

Ajay at the peak of his voice. If there is such a huge difference in the percentage increase in wages across domains why shouldn’t be a slight change in the HR policies? Ajay we need some discretion of powers to allow our team members to work from home”. Currently it is a mandate that every employee should be in the office for at least 9 hours sign in time which is automatically calculated from their access cards swipe timings.

Vijay realized that things were getting out of his control and decided to end the meeting as he was sure no solution would be obtained.

Ajay went to the parking zone and picked up his car. He began to realize that things are getting worse day by day. He noted that there is already a huge attrition with all other teams and his team had the least. He was worried about the information Vijay provided in the morning that that his company has lost a big share of 15% to the competitors in the telecom domain. Though all his projects were going fine at the moment his inner sense stated that is high time he finds a new job with a better company with flexible policies.


  1. 1.What are the probable reasons for attrition in any industry?

  2. 2.What will you advise to Rupa to arrest the attrition rate going forward?


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