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Harrison case study solution (Code: c66)

Harrison case study solution
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Harrison T. Wenk III is 43, married, and has two children, ages 10 and 14. He has a master’s degree
in education and teachers junior high school music in a small town in Ohio. Harrison’s father passed
away two months ago, leaving his only child an unusual business opportunity. According to his
father’s will, Harrison has 12 months to become active in the family food-catering business, KareFull Katering, Inc., or it will be sold to two key employees for a reasonable and fair price. If
Harrison becomes involved, the two employees have the option to purchase a significant, but less
than majority, interest in the firm. Harrison’s only involvement with this business, which his
grandfather established, was as an hourly employee during high school and college summers. He is
confident that he could learn and perhaps enjoy the marketing side of the business, and that he could
retain the long-time head of accounting/finance. But he would never really enjoy day-to-day
operations. In fact, he doesn’t understand what operations management really involves. In 1991
Kare-Full Katering, Inc. had $3.75 million in sales in central Ohio. Net profit after taxes was $
105,000, the eleventh consecutive year of profitable operations and the seventeenth in the last 20
years. There are 210 employees in this labor-intense business. Institutional contracts account for
over 70 percent of sales and include partial food services for three colleges, six commercial
establishments) primarily manufacturing plants and banks), two long -term care facilities, and five
grade schools. Some customer location employs a permanent operations manager; others are served
from the main kitchens of Kare-Full Katering. Harrison believes that if he becomes active in the
business, one of the two key employees, the vice president of operations, will leave the
firm.Harrison has decided to complete the final two months of this school year and then spend the
summer around Kare-Full Katering – as well as institutions with their own food services – to assess
whether he wants to become involved in the business. He is particularly interested in finding out as
much as possible about operations. Harrison believes he owes it to his wife and children to fairly
evaluate this opportunity.
1. Prepare a worksheet of operations activities that Harrison should inquire about this summer.
2. If you were Harrison, what would you do? Why?



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