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GROUP PROCESSES case study solution (Code: c35)

GROUP PROCESSES case study solution
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Sanjay, doing MBA with a Management Institute, has taken up a summer job in a big factory at Faridabad. He has been assigned to a small group of men who are responsible for loading and unloading the boxcars that supply the materials and carry away the finished goods of the factory.

After two weeks on the job, Sanjay was amazed at how little work the men in his crew accomplished. It seemed that they were forever standing around and talking or in some cases, even going off to hide when there was work to be done. Sanjay often found himself alone unloading a boxcar while the other members of the crew were off messing around somewhere else.

When Sanjay complained to his co-workers, they made it very plain that if he did not like it, he could quit, but if he complained to the supervisor, he would be sorry.

Sanjay has been deliberately excluded from any of the crew's activities such as taking breaks together or having delicious snacks at the popular restaurant across the street. Yesterday, he went up to one of the older members of the crew and said, "I don't know why you people behave like this. I am just trying to do my job because I am here only for my summer assignment. I get a good salary which is all that I care about. I would have liked to know you all better, but frankly I am sure that I am not like you all." The elder man replied, "Sanjay, if you had been here as long as I have, you would have been just like us."


  1. Explain the group processes involved in this case.

  2. Describe the degree and type of motivation of Sanjay and other members.

  3. Do you think Sanjay would change his attitude if he were to stay longer in the job ? Explain the reasons for your answer.


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