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Global Banking case study solution (Code: C26)

Global Banking case study solution
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Global Banking: Decentralized Human resource Function


Global Banking operates in three states and several countries, including all major money centers: New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and three locations in Switzerland. Because of different cultures and different laws, each office has its own human resource department. Although these offices report directly to the manager of each bank, the home-office human resource department in New York exercises functional authority to ensure uniformity in procedures, requiring each office to coordinate its policies with the home office human resource department.

With the growing internationalization of business, the bank has a strategy that requires senior managers to maintain relationships with key clients. When a senior executive or a client is reassigned, the bank sometimes tries to reassign its senior manager to maintain the personal and banking relationship. Although this is an unusual tactic, the bank has been able to retain and acquire major accounts through this process.

To ensure that reassignments involve capable people who can ascend to higher levels, all senior banking executives are to go through Global Bank’s assessment center, which is in the early planning stages. Of particular concern are cultural issues among different countries and the diversity among Global Bank’s domestic and international workers. Another concern is the cost of running an international assessment center.

Assume you are assigned to the corporate planning committee that is to design the assessment center.


  1. 1.Describe your recommendations about who should be selected to serve on this planning committee.

  2. 2.Describe what considerations should be weighed. Given the international composition o those who are to be evaluated.


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