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GAGAN INDUSTRIES study solution (Code: c33)

GAGAN INDUSTRIES study solution
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Gagan Industries Ltd. is a manufacturing company with line and staff or­ganisation. Shri Raman, a young staff officer, developed a plan for increasing the life of certain equipment in the plant. He carried the plan directly to the Superintendent of the department in which he hoped to introduce it, but was rebuffed by the Superintendent who privately acknowledged the merit of the scheme, but resented the Staff Officer trying to show off his talent.

The Staff Officers' Association condemned the behaviour of Shri Raman and felt that he should have allowed the plan to appear as a contribution of the staff group rather than his own. Shri Raman himself declared, "By God, it is my idea and I want credit for it. There is none among the Staff Officers who would not have claimed it to be a personal achievement."


  1. Analyse the situation in terms of the possible causes of the reaction of the Superintendent and the Staff Officers' group.

  2. Suggest measures to defuse the situation.

  3. Why did the Superintendent refuse to implement the plan which he appreciated privately?


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