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A.N. IRON & STEEL CO case study solution (Code: c40)

A.N. IRON & STEEL CO case study solution
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A.N. Iron & Steel Company is a reputed concern engaged in the manufacture and sale of iron and steel for the last 25 years. The company has a big mine which is mechanised and the mine meets its input requirements of iron ore. The mining sites and crushing units are located at the hill top, and the benefication plant is located a few kilometres away in the valley.

The company has a number of light and heavy vehicles. There are two garages — the one at the hill top is much bigger than the other one in the valley. The garage on the hill top has two main sections, Light Vehicles (LV) and Heavy Vehicles (HV) Sections, and there was also a small Autoelectric Shop in one room attached to the LV Section. The Autoelectric Shop takes care of all the electrical jobs of the garage.

The hill top garage is under the charge of a Garage Manager who has under him one Assistant Manager and two Chargemen, one looking after the LV section and the other the HV Section.

Bhushan, aged 35 years, was a Helper in the Autoelectric Shop. He joined the company as Khalasi when he was studying in Standard VIII 20 years ago. He was a sincere and devoted worker and soon picked up the different kinds of jobs that were being done by the Autoelectrician and his Helper. Previously, Bhushan was working as a Helper to Lalit, the Autoelectri­cian in the shop. But as Bhushan was quite competent in his job and Lalit could not manage Bhushan effectively, a working arrangement was evolved whereby both Lalit and Bhushan worked independently.

Two months ago, Lalit was transferred. The Garage Manager told Bhushan to look after all the jobs in the Autoelectric shop and gave him hope that he would be considered for promotion. But Anil, aged 30 years, who was appointed three months ago as Autoelectrician and posted in the valley garage, was transferred to the Autoelectric Shop. This made Bhushan -extremely unhappy. Anil was also dissatisfied because Bhushan, though a Helper, earned much more money than him. Anil also had another cause for dissatisfaction as he appeared for a post at the P-5 scale but was given the P-4 scale only. When Anil came to the hill top garage, the relations between Anil and Bhushan were strained initially but apparently became normal over time. On one occasion, Bhushan complained to the Assistant Manager that Anil was delaying the jobs to earn more overtime. In fact, the overtime for the Au­toelectric Shop was going higher.

One day at 2.30 p.m., there was a hue and cry in the Autoelectric Shop as people found Bhushan lying on the floor and crying for help. Bhushan complained that Anil had given him a hard blow on the chest. But Anil defended himself by saying that a tool slipped and he lost his balance, so his hand merely touched Bhushan leading to the accident.


  1. What is the main problem in the case ?

  2. Examine Bhushan's behaviour, explaining possible causes of his dissatisfaction.

  3. Comment on the state of relationship between Anil and Bhushan.

  4. Examine Bhushan's grievance vis-a-vis his competence and company's promo­tion policy.

  5. As Garage Manager how would you tackle the conflict between Anil and Bhushan ? Also suggest remedies for checking recurrence of such problems.


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