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custom order annamali university custom order annamali university custom order annamali university
annamali-university SOLVED ASSIGNMENT HELP 2017 new
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1. “One reason for implementing global training programmes is the need to avoid
business losses due to cultural insensitivity”. What sort of training programme
would you recommend to avoid such cultural insensitivity?
2. Bring out some real life examples of how to use interest inventories to improve
employee selection. In doing so, suggest some examples of occupational
interests that you believe might predict success in various occupations including
Professor, Accountant and System Analyst.
3. Design a graphic rating scale for the below mentioned professions:
i) Secretary
ii) Engineer
iii) Web Designer.
4. Develop an incentive plan for the following positions:
i) Chemical Engineer
ii) Plant Manager
iii) Used car sales force
iv) First-line supervisor
Examine the factors that you have to consider in reaching your conclusions.
1. Examine the suitable demographic segmentation variables other than age and
sex for the following industry
• Two wheeler
• Brewery
• Insurance
2. You have been selected by the ABC pharmaceutical company to be a sales force
for the period of three years. Identify and describe how you would progress
through the steps in effective selling.
3. Select an example of a new product failure in the recent context. Explore and
prepare a report highlighting the causes for its failure. Do you think a better
understanding of consumer behaviour could have contributed to its success in
the market place? Do you accept or not? Justify your stand.
4. Design a questionnaire to determine repeat purchase behaviour and brand
loyalty with respect to
• Fairness cream
• Mobile
• Sports shoe
• Ready-to-wear garments
1. Design an appropriate capital structure which yields more profitability of a
service industry of your choice. Illustrate your answer with the help of an
EBIT-EPS analysis.
2. “The finance manager should take an account of the time value of money in
order to take a correct financial decision.” Elucidate the statement with the
help of suitable illustration.
3. “The goal of capital management is the maximisation of long run earning to
present share holders” – Comment.
4. You are a finance manager in a manufacturing organization. You came to
know the sales are very low when compared to the last year. So you have
decided to do credit sales. Draft a proposal highlighting the decision areas to
be concentrated to avoid non-payment.
1. Why are some Industries located near the source of raw materials, whereas some
other Industries are located near the market? Justify your answer with practical
2. Explain the different types of plant layout? Write the advantages and
disadvantages of each types of layouts with exam.
3. Describe the requirements of effective system of production and planning control
in any steel plant.
4. Describe the method of drawing X and R charts. State the formula you would use
in both cases.
1. “A company that fails to go global is in the danger of losing its domestic
business to competitors with lower costs, greater experience, better and
products and is a nutshell, more value for customer. – Discuss.
2. “IMF and World Bank serve the interests of industrialized nations rather than
that f the developing countries.” – Discuss.
3. Do you justify that the working pins would really link the present scenario of
International Business with that of the future?
4. Do you think that International Financial institution help in competency
building of World nation and thereby enhance the magnitude the diversity of
global business? Explain.
1. Should we combine debt – related cash flows with project cash flow? Why?
Discuss the issues related to the principle of treating the financing cash flow
separately from the investment cash flow.
2. Demand estimate is an important part of a project feasibility study. What are
the points we should consider is estimating demand?
3. Write a detailed not EON the purpose of post – completion audits and the
strategy employed. Is there any problem faced with the audit of mutually
exclusive projects? Discuss.
4. How can entrepreneurs develop a position of ethical leadership in business
1. As an individual investor, what aspects of public issues you should be familiar
with? Discuss your views with relevant to the recent trends in primary market.
2. If the market price per share is equal to the book value per share, the following
are equal :
 Return on equity, Earnings price ratio, Total yield.à
 Elucidate with few examples.à
3. Describe the procedure developed by Markowitz for choosing the optimal
portfolio of risky assets with suitable examples.
4. How and when will you adopt (1) Portfolio Reconstruction (2) Portfolio
Rebalancing and Upgrading and (3) Performance attribution when you are an
efficient portfolio manager?
1. As a management accountant you are asked to introduce a system of capital
expenditure control for your organisation. Explain in detail the important
feature you want to incorporate in system you propose to introduce, with a
suitable example of a project involving capital expenditure.
2. “Efficient inventory management is reflected in the liquidity and profitability of
the firm”. Do you agree? Justify your statement.
3. “Lease financing has proved its unique adaptability to various financial
problems”. Explain with suitable examples.
4. If sales forecast is subject to error, then there is no purpose of budgetary. Do you
agree (or) disagree. Give your views by appropriate examples.



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